Council of Pelagonija planning region

The Council for development of Pelagonija planning region (CPPR) organizes and coordinates the activities for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the planning documents for regional development, adopts Program for regional development of the Pelagonija region, based on previous agreement of the Council for equal regional development and adopts Annual action plan for implementation of the Program for regional development of Pelagonija planning region.

Also CRPPR votes an Annual list of project proposals for development of Pelagonija region and delivers suggestions to the Bureau for equal regional development for identification of the areas with specific development needs in the frameworks of the Pelagonija region.

CRPPR is responsible for providing coordination of the activities of the units of the local self-government, the cso’s the public institutions, state agencies and institutions in scope of the region which act I the area of the regional development, as well as to initiate consideration of issues related with the regional development for which necessary is coordination between the units of local self-government and the partners from the private and civil sector.

CRPPR promotes the cross-border cooperation with regions from other countries based upon common interests.



Natasha Petrovska

President of CDPPR and Mayor of Municipality of Bitola

[email protected]


Ilija Jovanoski

Mayor of the Municipality of Prilep

[email protected]


Ljube Kuzmanoski

Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci

[email protected]


Rubincho Shefteroski

Mayor of the Municipality of Krivogashtani

[email protected]


Marjanche Stojanovski

Mayor of the Municipality of Demir Hisar

[email protected]


Jasmina Gulevska

Mayor of the Municipality of Mogila

[email protected]


Xhemil Kjamili

Mayor of the Municipality of Dolneni

[email protected]


Tome Hristoski

Mayor of the Municipality of Krushevo

[email protected]


Zivko Gosharevski

Mayor of the Municipality of Resen

[email protected]