Guide for investments in PPR

The Guide for investments of Pelagonia planning region is the answer to the challenges faced by the potential domestic and foreign investors. The Guide is of great help especially for the smaller investors as well as the investors in the industries which are not a subject of servicing of TIDZ.

The investors interested in investments in the Pelagonia planning region have possibilities or implementation of successful investments, primarily helped by the competitive advantages of the region:

  • natural geographic characteristics of the region
  • attractiveness of the parcels prices for building industrial objects
  • favorable tax climate
  • favorable interest rates for investments credits
  • population with high level of computer literacy
  • high percentage of population with knowledge of more than one foreign language
  • availability of educated personnel
  • attractive labor market and relevant classifications
  • possibility for cooperation with research centers
  • access to higher educational institutions


In this document, the investors, domestic and foreign, receive systematic review of the relevant information for their activities and business, as:

  • information for the labor market and qualified work force
  • information for industrial / economic / TIR zones and locations suitable for certain type of investments, available on municipal level
  • information for the available “Greenfield” and “Brownfield” locations on municipal level
  • information on grants, credit lines and similar financial support


Download a PDF copy of the Guide for investments in Pelagonia planning region


A collection of industrial zones in Pelagonia region is made in order to improve access to information, more efficient exchange of information, promotion of investment opportunities and attracting “greenfield” and “brownfield” investments through well -organized mapping of available locations.

Download a PDF copy of the Collection of industrial zones in Pelagonia region