INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Fostering economic development in Pelagonija region ” and B2B MEETINGS for companies from the regions of Pelagonija and Izmir


From the 26th till 27th  of October 2016 in Bitola, the Center for Development of Pelagonija region through established Integrated Network of Regional Development and the Business Center,  organized International Conference and B2B meetings between  for companies from the regions of Pelagonija and Izmir. This project is financially and technically supported by the Ministry of Local Government, UNDP and the municipalities in the region.

On this international conference attended representatives of 30 companies from different sectors and chambers of Izmir, representatives of the project donors, key stakeholders as well as 200 representatives from companies, local government units, regional chambers of commerce, educational institutions and organizations working on support of the private sector from Pelagonija region.

The purpose of this event was  to present investment opportunities in Pelagonija for domestic and foreign potential investors, in the industrial zones and other free sites in the municipalities, and of course to strengthen cooperation between businesses from the two regions with a focus export of Macedonian products in Turkey.