Municipality of Resen

Resen, the administrative center of the municipality is a picturesque town situated on the slopes of Mount Galichica next to Lake Prespa. It is known for apple orchards, beautiful sceneries and one of the world’s professional ceramics colonies under the protection of UNESCO.


Општина Ресен мапа


Comparative advantages of the Municipality of Resen

Municipality of Resen is situated in Prespa valley, which in the Balkan Peninsula appears to be a characteristic morphological non-running area with relatively high altitudes which starts from 853 meters absolute altitude (level of Prespa Lake) to 2.601 meters absolute altitude (the top Pelister on Baba Mountain). Adjacent to Lake Prespa, or part of its coastline there are two national parks: Pelister and Galichica. Nature Park Ezerani, which is one of the two Ramsar sites in the Republic of Macedonia is located in the Municipality of Resen. The municipality has excellent conditions for development of agriculture and tourism.



Municipality of Resen – Main data



Square “Car Samoil“ n.n.

+389 47 551 770  
[email protected]

 Грб на Општина Ресен
Coordinates *  Latitude – 40о93’ N

*  Longitude – 21о04’ E

Area *  792 km2
Areal codes *  International code:++389

(R. Macedonia)

*  National code:       047

*  Postal code:          7310

Population *  16.825  inhabitants (Census 2002)

*  16.369 inhabitants ( Estimated by the State Statistical Office, till 31.12.2014)

Gender structure *  Female – 50%

*  Male – 50%

Number of unemployed people (ESA, December 2015 ) *  1.573
Elementary schools *  OU “Goce Delchev“

*  OU “Mite Bogoevski“

*  OU “Slavejko Arsov“ – v. Podmochani

*  OU “Braka Miladinovci“ – v. Carev Dvor

*  OU “Dimitar Vlahov“ – v. Ljubojno

Secondary schools OSUCar Samoil

·         agriculture and veterinary

·         gymnasium

Banks (branches) *  Stopanska banka AD Skopje

*  Stopanska banka AD Bitola

*  Komercijalna banka AD Skopje

*  Ohridska banka AD Skopje

*  Halk banka AD Skopje

*  UNI banka AD Skopje

*  Centralna Kooperativna  banka AD Skopje

Insurance companies *  Sava osiguruvanje AD Skopje

*  Viner osiguruvanje AD Skopje

*  Osiguruvanje Makedonija AD Skopje –  Vienna Insurance Group

Number of active legal entities *  463 (State Statistical Office, till 31.12.2014)
Priority sectors /industries in the Municipality *  Tourism

*  Agriculture and Rural Development

*  SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Available resources in the  Municipality *  Favourable climatic conditions

*  Developed Agriculture – apple production

*  Opportunities for development of alternative and mass tourism

*  Built primary infrastructure

*  Excellent location, interconnection with neighboring municipalities and regions and neighboring countries

Contact information for potential investors Toni Jovanovski

Sector for urbanism, communal affairs, local economic development and cross-border cooperation

Tel.:    047-551-763

E-mail: [email protected]


Municipality of Resen – Traffic connections


Highways and national roads National road А-3
–          Crossroad Trebeniste (connection to А2)
–          Crossroad Podmolje-Ohrid-Kosel-Resen-Bitola-Prilep-Veles-Stip-Kocani-Delcevo border with Bulgaria
–          section Bitola (crossroad Kukurecani) – border with R.Greece
–          Section Kosel (connection with А3)-Ohrid-border with R. Albania
Regional roads R1101 (Prilep-Bitola-Makazi-Carev Dvor)
·         R1307 (Resen-Carev Dvor-Otesevo-R. Albania and section Stene-Konsko)
·         R1308 (Makazi –Pretor -border with R. Greece)
·         R2332 (Bitola-Trpejca (connection with А3 and R1301)  and Resen-National park Galichica-Ohrid)
·         R29376 (Connection with R1308-Monastery St. George (Kurbinovo)-Monastery Holy Mother-connection with P1308)
Distance from airports: ·         Alexander the Great (Skopje)  – 182 km
·         St. Paul the Apostol (Ohrid) – 45 km
·         Airport Macedonia  (Thessaloniki, Greece) – 340 km
Distance from harbors: ·         Harbor in Burgas, Bulgaria- 750 km
·         Harbor in Thessaloniki, Greece   – 246 km
·         Harbor in Durres, Albania – 208 km
·         Harbor in Bar, Montenegro – 357 km
Distance from railroads ·         Railway station Skopje  – 198 km
·         Railway station Sofia – 410 km
·         Railway station Thessaloniki – 246 km
Distance from capital cities: ·         Skopje  – 199 km

·         Sofia – 408 km

·         Belgrade – 600 km

·         Podgorica – 332 km

·         Pristina – 285 km

·         Athens- 607 km

·         Tirana – 170 km

Distance from border crossings: ·         Bulgaria- 243 km

·         Serbia – 215 km

·         Greece – 49 km

·         Kosovo – 222 km

·         Albania – 26 km


Investing in the municipality of Resen

Municipality of Resen has excellent conditions for development of the agriculture and tourism. The municipality to the potential investors makes available:

  • Industrial Zone Makazi
  • Industrial Zone Prespateks


The Industrial zone Makazi is located in the locality named Makazi – K.O. Kozjak. This zone is located near the highway A3 (Bitola – Resen). The total area of the industrial zone Makazi is 6 hectares and has 39% degree of development. The ownership of the zone is entirely state. Regarding the infrastructure, the area has a road access, utility and energy infrastructure.

Industrial zone Makazi
Total area 6 ha
Ownership 100 % state owned
Infrastructure – Electricity

– Water supply

– Stormwater drains

– Sewerage system


The Industrial zone Prespateks is located near the regional road A3 (Bitola – Resen) and is located near the downtown area. The Industrial zone Prespateks has a total area of 24 ha. This industrial zone is 70% state owned and 30% privately owned. The industrial zone has complete infrastructure – communal, road and energy infrastructure.

Industrial zonePrespateks
Total area 24 ha
Ownership 70% state owned

30% private

Infrastructure – Electricity

– Water supply

– Stormwater drains

– Sewerage system

Initial price for the land 61,50 den / m2